Ph.D. in Library and Information Science

Selected Papers and Projects from the Ph.D. in Library and Information Science program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Spring/Summer, 2019Fall, 2017 | Fall, 2015 | Summer, 2015 | Spring, 2015 | Fall, 2014Summer, 2014 | Spring, 2014 | Fall, 2013

Spring/Summer, 2019

Dissertation Defended and Deposited

Fall, 2017

Dissertation Proposal Completed
Dissertation Proposal

Fall, 2015

Field Exam Completed
Field Exam Reading List: Educational Informatics

Summer, 2015

Field Exam Preparation
Field Exam Area Proposal: Educational Informatics

Spring, 2015

Final Paper for LIS 590 IS – Information in Society
Adult Women Students: Services to Meet the Needs of the Third Shift

Fall, 2014

Final Group Project for LIS 490 ITG – Entrepreneurial IT Design
MediVine: Free, Fast, and Factual Medical Advice for Anyone Curated By the Medical Community

Final Paper for LIS 590 AQ – Socio-Technical Futures
Student Communication in Content Management Systems: A Comparison Between Student Engagement in On-Campus and Online Courses

LIS 590 1 – Dialogues in Feminism and Technology
Closing the Global Gender Graduation Gap:
The Potential Impact of Online Education Programs on Women’s Pursuit of Higher Education

Summer, 2014

Final Group Project for LIS 490 STG – Community Informatics Studio
Enhancing Capabilities Through Community Innovation Spaces

Spring, 2014

Research Proposal for LIS 588 – Research Design in LIS
Phoning Home: An Analysis of the Use of Video Chat by International Students

Final Paper for LIS 590 AD – Sociotechnical Data Analytics
Pattern-Seeking in the Enron Email Data Set: Understanding Levels of Connectedness

Fall, 2013

Final Paper for LIS 590 AG – Evidence-Based Discovery
Analyzing the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study 2011: A Brief Overview

Final Paper for LIS 590 HF – History and Foundations of LIS
Learning from PLATO: Lessons in Early Online Community Building

Final Paper for LIS 590 ISP – Social History of US Telecommunications
Between the War Front and the Home Front: A History of Military Mail Service