Final Group Project for Entrepreneurial IT Design

Final Group Project for LIS 490 ITG – Entrepreneurial IT Design (Fall, 2014)

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This project was first presented as a culminating course project, which was then followed by multiple presentations outside of the course itself.

Initial Project Proposal

Location: LIS 490 ITG final course session on December 4, 2014

Presenters: Jacob Rosenthal, Paige Cunningham, and Matthew Macomber, Terry Chen, and Chenye Yin


We plan to create a system to provide free, fast, and factual medical advice for anyone, curated by the medical community. This community of medical students, nurses, doctors, and medical enthusiasts will generate answers for our service. These respondents will be incentivized by reviews and longitudinal records gained from answering questions. We will use a crowd-sourced effort to provide the best answers in a timely fashion. Information seekers will remain anonymous throughout the process, while respondents will have limited anonymity. Rankings will allow respondents to become known as experts within a field despite not being medical professionals themselves.

Seekers will be asked to provide a narrative explanation of their concerns, as well as basic background health information. This information, once anonymized, will be transferred to respondents to be answered. Questions will be given to two teams of three respondents each for analysis. Respondents will produce a narrative answer, links to supporting evidence (cited sources such as PubMed), advice on where and from whom to seek help, and formatted documentation to give to medical professionals when follow up care is required.

Once both answers are constructed, they will be anonymously sent to an expert for review and critique. Both answers will be given to the seeker with indication of which response is preferred. Questions will be posted to the community identified only by a question number, allowing seekers and other community members to publicly rate and comment on the responses.

Interactive Project Prototype (Created using InVision prototyping software)


Additional Presentations

MediVine: Medical Training in the Age of Information
Poster presented at the quarterly GSLIS Corporate Roundtable meeting
Champaign, Illinois
April 15, 2015
Co-presenters: Jacob Rosenthal and Matthew Macomber

MediVine: An Exploration into Mutually Beneficial Systems and User-generated Material
Project presented at the GSLIS Master’s Student Showcase
Champaign, Illinois
August 9, 2014
Co-presenters: Jacob Rosenthal and Matthew Macomber