MediVine Project Presentation

MediVine Project Presentation

Presented at the GSLIS Master’s Student Showcase on August 9, 2014

Co-presenters: Jacob Rosenthal, Paige Cunningham, and Matthew Macomber.

MediVine: An exploration into mutually beneficial systems and user-generated material

Abstract: MediVine is a proposed digital teaching system for medical students. It uses questions generated by the public to provide students with an opportunity to practice and hone their skills in a realistic setting on real-world medical problems.  Working in teams of three, students collaborate on answering one question at a time in order to provide each user with a personalized, thoughtful response to his or her question. Each response is subsequently reviewed by a professional for accuracy and clarity before it is released.  MediVine’s intuitive design makes filling out and organizing relevant information easy for the public, in order to make the process as streamlined and user-friendly as possible, which will help encourage public use of the system. In turn, students not only build skills in research, collaboration, and application of learning in their response, but also build important empathetic skills while engaging in the question-answering process.  Front-end public information is kept secure and anonymous, while back-end longitudinal records keep track of each student’s performance for later review and to demonstrate their new proficiencies. The product is a system which benefits both those asking the questions and those providing the answers.