Instructional Design Project for Instruction & Assistance Systems

Instructional Design Project for LIS 458 LE – Instruction & Assistance Systems (Fall, 2012)

Finding International Student Statistics


Students in a graduate-level education class are learning about international student attendance in the United States. This one-hour session will take place in a library computer classroom, where students will use computers to access electronic databases to identify online statistical datasets and other e-resources and the library’s OPAC to identify non-electronic resources. This library session is directly connected to a classroom assignment, in which each student is expected to pick a country and research that country’s educational system and that country’s students’ attendance at U.S. colleges and universities. Each student must then write a paper detailing a brief history of that country’s educational system, of that country’s students’ attendance in the U.S., and, where possible, what those students do after finishing university in the United States.