Final Group Project for Introduction to Network Information Systems

Final Group Project for LIS 451 – Introduction to Network Information Systems (Fall, 2011)

Urbana Free Library Redesign Project (link to project page)


In 2005, the Urbana Free Library underwent extensive renovations. Space was added allowing for expanded computer labs, study areas, and more. In the intervening years, it has become clear to librarians that more modifications are needed to accommodate users. Specifically, the space needs to be rearranged to better facilitate collaborative and social learning. Librarians would also like an easier and faster way to update the library computer lab so that users are always up to date. By taking into account various user scenarios and by researching practices in other libraries, we have developed some suggestions that will help the Urbana Free Library do just these things.

Urbana Free Library: Redesign of the Library’s Media Center and Teen Spaces

The following proposal was delivered to Urbana Free Library staff members on December 8, 2011.


Transforming the Computer Lab at the Urbana Free Library

The actual remodel of the computer lab was completed in the summer of 2012, using elements of our proposed design.